Ideas to Innovations: i2P Center’s Mission to Fulfill Client and Consumer Needs

Date: 10 Mar 2021

In today’s world context, things are propelled by ever-changing customer needs and unprecedented crises catching us off guard, like the COVID-19 pandemic, climate emergencies, and ocean waste. These significant challenges face new entrepreneurs who are now required to always stay relevant to create and develop products and services that efficiently and speedily fulfill the needs.

Chemicals Business, SCG, has been aware of such a dynamic and prioritized creating and developing innovations and solutions. The goal is to equip clients with a more decisive competitive edge while enhancing people’s quality of life and building a sustainable environment. This commitment has led to the founding of the i2P Center (Ideas to Products), a hub for ideas and innovation developments to uncover solutions that meet the needs of clients, consumers, and environmental protection. 

Building Good Experience is Key

As the world constantly evolves, and so do customer needs and their interests, SCG remains committed to living up to its promise of “Passion for Better.” SCG strives to explore customer insight from their lens and use it as a foundation to develop customer-centric products and services that better serve their needs.

Fostering Collaboration and Expertise
Apart from its commitment to advancing SCG to create and develop innovations efficiently and quickly, we believe that the exchange of knowledge and know-how among network partners of all levels, including internal units, external firms, and customers, is key to keeping the pace of innovation development with the fast-moving world. 

Since its operation commencement, the i2P Center has had opportunities to work with a wide array of agencies, both government and private sectors, and major industries such as food packaging, automotive, agriculture, utility infrastructure, and energy.

The i2P Center: All-in-one Center
The i2P Center functions as part of the client's team and offers end-to-end support from idea creation, Voice of the Customer (VOC), to project development of the products that meet the market's need. Clients will be assisted by experts who can provide a holistic range of services throughout the process, from material selection, design, material formulation, value-added designs, engineering design to product design. The provided support is to make sure that the developed product meets aesthetic and functional needs.

Aside from being the hub for ideas and innovations, the Center also facilitates Application Development Center or Professing space with all-inclusive machinery support under the close guidance of experts to speed up innovation creation on top of the Application Lab, making it a holistic platform solution. The Center’s support will enable a faster and more agile product development process prior to the production. The Center provides a full-scale capability that helps translate ideas to products.

Because of its all-dimension availability from material sciences expertise, advanced equipment to SCG’s robust network of partners, the i2P Center in Rayong becomes the hub for potential business opportunities and a companion in the journey of business growth. The i2P Center in Rayong also provides visitors with a virtual tour and New-Normal center visit. The Center is well received by visitors both at home and overseas. The Center has successfully helped facilitate product developments of over 100 items over the past year. See the video to learn more about the i2P Center here: