P902J Innovative Plastic Resins For Thinner Yet Stronger Packaging

Date: 26 Sep 2016

Plastic containers have enjoyed continuing popularity due to the way they fit the modern lifestyle which values both convenience and speed. In Thailand, the packaging industry grows by approximately 3 - 4 per cent annually. However, growing environmental concernamong consumers has led them to choose products which are friendly to the environment. Packaging manufacturers therefore have started to put more emphasis on the development of environmentally-friendly products. One way to do this has been the use of raw materials that produce thinner and lighter packaging while maintaining other properties that give the consumers the convenience and ease of use that they need.

As part of its attempt to develop environmentally-friendly innovations, SCG Chemicals has researched and developed an innovative new plastic resin, P902J, which responds to the needs of both manufacturers of thin wall injection molding food and drink packaging as well as consumers. With its product development team who are skilled in the development of plastic packaging materials and its state-of-the-art laboratory, SCG Chemicals has been able to develop these environmentally friendly plastic resins with possess properties that make them stand out from ordinary plastic resins for injection.

Highlights of P902J include:

Being thinner yet stronger:
P902J helps reduce the amount of plastic resins used in the production process causes cost saving. From 40 - 60 % higher toughness than conventional PP resin for injection, it is stronger and does not become brittle and break easily while in use of thinner and lighter product. With greater isotropic shrinkage, the packaging does not bend out of shape which makes it easier for consumers to use. Moreover, its high transparency gives it an attractive look. The fact that it is thinner and lighter also means a higher volume of goods can be transported at one time.

Increased productivity:
Its high flowability and faster demolding contribute directly to the manufacturing process, as it helps manufacturers to produce more products in the same amount of time with the molding time being cut by 5 - 10 per cent.

Reduced energy consumption in the manufacturing process:
The high flowability and faster demolding means the need for energy in the range ofprocesses involved from resin production to packaging manufacturing can be reduced. It is easier to produce thinner packaging as the resin can fast flowing by using less energy to melt. Moreover, the ability to be fast solidified also savethe energy to cool the product. It is an opportunity to do 5 times faster cooling in same product size.

This is just one example of how it is possible and worthwhile to conserve the environment through research and development of P902J plastic resins, and that these resins are a good alternative for plastic packaging manufacturers who are looking for environmentally-friendly innovations which can effectively serve the needs of consumers.

For more information about P902J please visit https://www.scgchemicals.com/en/products-services/product-type/pp/pp-homopolymer​