SCG Chemicals and Cargill: Collaboration on Mono-Material Packaging for PlantEver

Date: 10 Jan 2022

SCG Chemicals collaborates with Cargill to develop Mono-Material Packaging for Plant-Based Meat under PlantEverTM Brand in December 2021

Normally, flexible packaging we see in daily life is composed of various materials with different properties laminated together with adhesive layer. Consequently, this type of packaging will be the combination of Multi-Material with unalike melting temperature and is very hard to separate each layer in waste management system. As a result, recycle rate for multi-material packaging is very limited.

SCG Chemicals develops high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin for producing Machine Direction Orientation Polyethylene (MDOPE) film with high heat resistance property to serve as printing layer in flexible packaging, for ability to produce Mono-material packaging with comparable performance.

This collaboration between SCG Chemicals and Cargill Meats Thailand is a huge footstep of featuring green packaging with sustainable products to encourage customer entering into sustainable consumption economy.

Mr. Watcharapon Prasopkiatpoka, Managing Director of Cargill Protein Southeast Asia, said, “ Cargill is ambitious to achieve its food production goals to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. We have continually improved our processes and applied technology to enhance our production line and distribution to be more efficient and sustainable. Our steps are to reduce usage of single-use plastic and collaborate with suppliers and partners to develop sustainable packaging. I’m very pleased with the success of this project which helps support Cargill’s sustainability goals around the world. It also supports PlantEver™ brand’s goal to provide alternative protein products consumers who care about health and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. “

Ms. Rungtip Jongsuebchoke, Food and Beverage Business Director of SCG Chemicals added “SCG Chemicals is striving for creating sustainable world through products innovation and solutions. Our offering of Mono-Material under SCG GREEN POLYMERTM brand is one of our main support to drive company growth. The vital part of our development is through collaboration, which can barely accomplished without key business partners like Cargill, and we are very open to new opportunity to collaborate with brand owners and converters in our sustainability path.”

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