Learning & Development

Chemicals Business, SCG, encourages every employee to make best use of his/her professional expertise in order to come up with innovative products and services. Hence, a variety of learning and development activities are constantly promoted. These include classroom learning, e-learning, on-the-job training and action-based learning, with close coaching and mentoring by supervisors.

To ensure efficiency of such learning and development, Chemicals Business, SCG, cooperates with leading universities, both local and overseas, in the design and development of technical, professional and leadership courses. Cooperation with agencies in both the public and private sectors is also widely established in product R&D to enhance personnel competencies.

In recognition of the need to develop its most important asset – its people – an SCG Chemicals Academy has been established. Top-level executives of the SCG Group contribute to the setting of directions and formulation of strategies for employee learning and development in alignment with the business directions and the value chain. An Academy of Operation Excellence has also been founded, fully equipped with learning tools, including software simulation. The Academy serves as a learning centre where subject matter experts share their technical knowledge and operation experience in various areas, with a view to strengthening employee competencies. Individual employees are appropriately developed in accordance with their potential.

Career Path

Among the business philosophies held by SCG is the “Belief in People’s Value”. It has also gained general acceptance as an organization with efficient human resources management, from recruiting “competent and good people”, to employee development based on the 70:20:10 Model (learning from on-the-job experience: learning from people: learning from formal training), job rotation and promotion of career path advancement based on individual employees’ performance and potential determined through assessment in the Talent Management System. Employees can grow on a managerial track, becoming supervisors at various levels, up to the CEO level of each company, or grow on a specialist track (e.g. researchers or technologists). Employees' leadership is developed in line with their roles and responsibilities in the SCG Leadership Pipeline. They may, for example, become an Individual Contributor, a First Line Manager, a Functional Manager, a Manager of Managers, or a Business Leader.


To encourage continuing education among the employees and to introduce new ideas and knowledge for self and organizational development, post-graduate scholarships are granted at both the master’s degree and doctorate levels in business administration (MBA), engineering, science and technology, as well as other areas. Such scholarships, granted annually, are for studies at leading universities in the US, Europe and Asia; e.g. Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the London Business School (LBS).


To ensure SCG’s employees enjoy a good quality of life, various welfare and benefit schemes are provided. These include medical coverage for employees and their family members and allowances (e.g. for upcountry or overseas traveling); medical facilities with physicians from leading hospitals, and a sports center. Employee benefits are regularly reviewed to ensure they are responsive to general employee requirements and are at least on a par with other leading corporations.

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