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Executive Team

Message from Chief Executive Officer
and President


Director, Chief Executive Officer and President

When the world including Thailand constantly encountering new challenges to tackle, especially the COVID-19 pandemic that affects the global economy and lifestyle, it leads to the upheaval in the industrial business sector addressing both short-term needs and the long-term development agenda. SCG Chemicals or SCGC has adapted to be flexible to deal with situations with agility and speed. We are prepared for measures for business continuity management (BCM) to reduce various risks, as well as developing and using digital technology in business management to increase competitiveness and maintain leadership in the ASEAN region with full efficiency.

“In addition, the growing challege of climate emergency is also a serious matter that all sectors need to raise more importance. We are also ready to become "Leader in Chemicals Business for Sustainability" taking into account the environment, society and corporate governance in accordance with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) guidelines. This is in line with the current situation in which many countries around the world are alert to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the global warming crisis and taking care of society along with business growth.”

SCGC operated in accordance with corporate governance standard, providing value for the economy, society, and environment and contributing to the country's economic development. Additionally, the Company collaborated with numerous organizations both domestically and internationally to achieve sustainable development goals and to prepare for global changes while delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders in line with the concept of "Chemicals Business for Sustainability".